Is everybody on board? Less heard perspectives for a social-ecological transformation

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Kreisau-Initiative invites climate & social justice advocates to a two-part event in which they can expand their understanding of systemic approaches to environmental and social issues and build their skills for advocacy in the field of socio-ecological transformation.

Join us for a book release and a workshop!

Date: 18.-19.11.2022

Place: Berlin, Museum of Capitalism and Liane

PART 1: Presenting the handbook "Walking the path less travelled: Collective steps towards a culturally sensitive education in the context of social-ecological transformation"
18.11.2022, Museum of Capitalism

In the context of a German-Polish-Czech cooperation of educational practitioners, we have compiled different perspectives on how to nurture a culture of change. Thus, in this anthology, we present different perspectives, suggestions and practical tips regarding the role that culture plays in the implementation of practices for socio-ecological transformations with an aim to support people to reflect on their educational work in a culturally sensitive way. Given that the anthology advocates for broader alliances for a just socio-ecological transformation, the book presentation will be followed by an interactive workshop on classism delivered by the Museum of Capitalism Berlin.

2 pm – 3.30 pm Handbook presentation "Auf neuen Pfaden. Kollektive Schritte zu einer kulturell sensiblen Bildung im Kontext sozial-ökologischer Transformation” / “Walking the path less travelled: Collective steps towards a culturally sensitive education in the context of social-ecological transformation" (The handbook will appear in English, German, Polish and Czech language.)

3.30 pm –7 pm Workshop on classism and its relation to social-ecological transformation

7 pm dinner

Facilitation: Verein für Bildung und Partizipation e. V.  


PART 2: Workshop "Environmental Crisis: Decolonial and Anti-racist Perspectives, Solutions and Approaches"

In this workshop, we will embark on the journey of exploration of the environmental crisis through a decolonial and anti-racist perspective. We will analyse the colonial and neo-colonial history, dynamics of and responsibilities for the current global environmental crisis. It shall introduce decolonial and anti-racist transformative solutions and approaches, as it relates to neo-colonial extractivism and the decolonisation of environmental justice and the society at large.

9.30 am – 1 pm Workshop "Environmental Crisis: Decolonial and Anti-racist Perspectives, Solutions and Approaches"

1 pm – 3 pm Lunch

3 pm – 6.30 pm Workshop "Environmental Crisis: Decolonial and Anti-racist Perspectives, Solutions and Approaches"

6.30 pm Dinner

Facilitator: Peter Emorinken-Donatus
Peter Emorinken-Donatus was born in Nigeria and has lived in Germany for over three decades. Among others, he is a freelance journalist, educator, facilitator, and environmental rights activist. He is a co-founder and ex-Chair of Pay Day Africa Movement, one of the spokespersons of the African/Black Community (ABC) Germany and the Committee for an African Monument in Berlin (KADiB). He is also a co-founder and spokesperson of the Movement "Bündnis Ökozidgesetz" which was founded with the aim of criminalising ecocide (the most henious environmental crimes). Together with some experts from the Global South living in Germany, he recently founded a new BIPoC think-tank "Care & Repair – Decolonial Think-Tank For Environmental Justice".

The event is for you if you:

  • are an advocate/educator for climate and social justice,
  • are interested in the field of socio-ecological transformation,
  • are eager to engage in the exchange of your experience and knowledge within the field of socio-ecological transformation and expand your skills and knowledge in that field.

Language: The event will be facilitated in English.

Costs: No participation fee for this event will be charged. Food and accommodation are included in the event. Travel costs can be reimbursed up to 100 € per person.

Free places: up to 30 people for the book presentation and workshop (part 1 on 18.11.2022), up to 14 people for the workshop (part 2 on  19.11.2022)

Project partners:
RESET: Platforma pro sociálně-ekologickou transformaci, z. s., Brno
Ekumenická akademie, Prague
Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Krzyżowa

The event is funded by the German-Polish Youth Office in the framework of the Lighthouse Programme and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Please fill in the application form by 14.11.2022. The participants will be selected on the basis of motivation. You will be informed by 15.11.2022 if you have been chosen and will then accordingly receive more details.
Please note: Due to funding requirements, the workshop on 19.11.2022 is open to residents of Poland and Germany only (no matter their nationality).

Fill in the application form

Contact information
Iva Bubalo, bubalo [at]
Sofie Koscholke, koscholke [at]

18. November, 2022 14:00  bis 19. November, 2022 19:30